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Moustache Musiс - Stimulus TimbreYou definitely need to hear this electronic podcast from Stimulus Timbre. Ambient, idm and experimental sound will awake your imagination. Big thanks to Moustache Music for bringing unique artists like Stimulus Timbre.

Next was grabbed from Moustache Music:

“We are back again! This time we’re coming up with an exclusive live mix by one of Malta’s finest electronic producers. Little is known about this one man project called Stimulus Timbre. We do know that his dreamy and somewhat dark sound is ranging from electronica, ambient to IDM. This Stachecast reflects exactly what’s going on in his very personal electronic bubble. All the tunes in the tracklist are made by the man himself.

Besides this personal project Keith Farrugia teamed up with other Maltese quality producers. @Electronic-Travelers is the collab between him and Rhys Celeste aka @Microlith and RAIM is the collaboration between himself and the Maltese acid wonder @Acidulant. Every project he’s involved with sounds fresh and is promising in every way. So, better keep an eye on him.

Keith, the MoustacheMusic crew is thanking you again for your contribution.”


1. Stimulus Timbre – Reflux(short edit)
2. Stimulus Timbre – Dream Sequence
3. Microlith – 4 Last c-kwens_(Stimulus TImbre Remix)
4. Electronic Travellers – 10,500 miles
5. Stimulus Timbre – Early Reflections (Futur Disorder 5 Years Compilation)
6. Stimulus Timbre – Far Away Lights
7. Stimulus Timbre – On a Route to Explore (Project Play)
8. Stimulus Timbre – Sonic Imagery
9. Stimulus Timbre – Unreleased
10. Stimulus Timbre – Bio Universe
11. Stimulus Timbre – Journey to the Temple
12. Plaid – Tether (Stimulus Timbre remix)
13. Squarepusher – 4001 (Stimulus Timbre Remix)

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