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Here came people united by one ideology. Here came open-minded people to show their passion to drum’n’bass sound. Starting with positive vibrations from Ragga Twins, and shiny performance with Dj Tapolsky. Next, beautiful and darkside waves from Concord Dawn. And finally, Panacea’s slashing show till 5 AM, (afterwards I thought people would be dead). Seems, it was a real fight on the dancefloor, between Music and Humanity. We stand till the end. Inexpressible feeling. Me and my new freaky friends went out refreshing and with accomplishment sense in the morning light. No regrets to give all myself (soul, heart and mind) to passion #1 – drum’n’bass.

This is how real junglists dance

This is how real junglists dance

Yes, this night was really hot.

Live show: Panacea

Live show: Ragga Twins & Tapolsky (Tarantula – Pendulum)

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