Revive Me by Himalia

Himalia - Revive Me

Tuesday gentle vibes day. From the beginning till the end Revive Me by Himalia impresses with a piano play, snare reverb and a deep bass part. Vocals give a special sensibility to the sound, that charms and willing to listen it more and more. Stunning track.

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Remixes: Spectrasoul – Slippin’ (Himalia Bootleg), Laurelle & Alexander – Lost Stardust (Himalia Remix)
New EP: Distances


So Far by Hybrid Minds feat. Riya

So Far by Hybrid Minds feat. Riya

Monday liquid sound day. Listen to So Far by Hybrid Minds feat. Riya, which is going to be released on Spearhead Records pretty soon. This label is celebrating ten years and will present a great compilation “Ten”(Future Sounds) including such d’n’b projects as Mutated Forms, Kubiks, LSB and many others.
The official release date: April 6th 2015.
Meanwhile enjoy these atmospheric drum’n’bass vibes with delicate Riya’s vocal.

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Preview on Spearhead Records: SPEAR059 – ‘TEN’ – Future Sounds

Piano Day 2015 Playlist

Piano Day

A new initiative from Nils Frahm – to make a 29th of March an official Piano Day. This idea got a big support among different composers, so today we got a Piano Day 2015 Playlist. It’s full of emotional, sentimental and just amazing tunes, that inspire and touch the heart.

“Why does the world need a Piano Day? For many reasons. But mostly, because it doesn’t hurt to celebrate the piano and everything around it: performers, composers, piano builders, tuners, movers and most important, the listener.” – Nils Frahm


1. MACRIMA — PIANO DAY 2015: MACRIMA – Blick über den Gedankensee
2. Lucy Claire. — Happy Piano Day!
3. yoko komatsu — 20150329 for piano day
4. Deus Ex Antenna — Deus Ex Antenna – Happy Piano Day!
5. Off Land — Piano Day 2015
6. Ola Kobak — Cover of Hammers by Nils Frahm for Piano Day 29th March 2015
7. Amnion — ‘PIANO DAY’ 29th March 2015
8. Optic Echo Records — Piano Day 2015: one last time, just for you
9. Bledig — Winter to Spring (For Piano Day)
10. Lost Tribe Sound — William Ryan Fritch – Mayflies (Piano Day)(From the Dampener EP)
11. Tale Of Us — Tale Of Us – Distante
12. Matthew Bourne — Isotach
13. Olafur Arnalds — TREE
14. Keith Kenniff – Helios — Molly – (Goldmund Cover)
15. chris leon — Chris Leon – For Piano Day
16. Turtle — Everything means nothing without the ones we love the most (Piano Day)
17. Alev Lenz — Piano Day by Alev Lenz
18. AEONN — An Immense Quiet Whole (Piano Day Song)
19. Aerocity — The Illusion Of Motion
20. FadedGold — In Your Shadow
21. [ Tom Adams ] — Submarine
22. ivanmuela — Viernes (happy Piano Day!)
23. Nyctalgia — Nyctalgia – Fate
24. Derek Hunter Wilson — The Great Rebuilding
25. Wuri — Allie & Noah
26. Paul Stephen Taylor — Cusps

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Arcadia by Ray Flux

Arcadia by Ray Flux

Grabbed you a gentle mix for this Sunday. Explore a smooth deep sound with Arcadia by Ray Flux. The mix is a two-hour excursion into the mild dub techno vibes. All tracks are flowing very calm through transitions, giving a feeling of the lightness and freedom. You will enjoy the tracklist.
P.S. The Greek landscape Arcadia was during the Renaissance and Baroque
become a symbol of the Golden Age in which the human being as happy shepherds living and in harmony with nature entirely of leisure, of love, the seal and the music devotions. – Ray Flux
Et in Arcadia ego is a Latin phrase. Their significance is controversial. The linguistically closer translation “Even in Arcadia (am) I” was in the course of the reception history more and more replaced by the text “I also (was) in Arcadia”. – Wiki.


Dream of Shepherds Landscapes :

0 .:. Hrydaya Meditation
1 .:. Winter steps Field recording .:. Ray Flux
2 .:. K617, Cluster .:. Optical Framework
3 .:. In the Park .:. John Ov3rblast
4 .:. Meta Kreta .:. Comfort Fit
5 .:. Little Fish .:. Trinity & Beyond, Maby
6 .:. Autumn .:. Izzat Man
7 .:. Dub Element .:. Yatsuo Motoki
8 .:. Erfurt .:. The Marx Trukker
9 .:. Morning Groove (cut#1) .:. TicK
10 .:. Green Tea .:. Birdnest
11 .:. Mindtrap .:. Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts
12 .:. Blood on the Motorway (DML Rekonstrukt) .:. DJ Shadow
13 .:. In The Wall… (It’s Voodoo) .:. Peace Division feat. Pleasant Gehman
14 .:. Templehof (Nadia Popoff Remix) .:. Overcast Sound
15 .:. Fourth Voyage .:. Brickman
16 .:. Resist .:. Breger
17 .:. Drehmoment .:. Haarspalter
18 .:. I Cant .:. Tigerskin
19 .:. Secret Life of Plankton .:. Squarepeg
20 .:. Ocean .:. Vytis
21 .:. In too Deep .:. Jay Quentin
22 .:. Veranda .:. Atrio Serenade
23 .:. Special FX HiHat Loop .:. All Is One .:. Johannes Heil

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Gladys Knight & The Pips – Help Me Make It Through The Night Remix by Anton Zap

Gladys Knight & the Pips - Help Me Make It Through the Night remix by Anton Zap

Check out this groovy remix by Anton Zap for Gladys Knight & The Pips – Help Me Make It Through the Night released on Story label. 
Video was made by the29nov films.

303 Break by Microbonicscore

303 Break by Microbonicscore

This Saturday we got a fresh IDM from Hungary. 303 Break by Microbonicscore sounds very cool with it’s breakbeat vibes. Also, you guys, may find a lot of diffierent electronic tunes by Microbonicscore on his Souncloud page. Idm, breakcore, synths electronica, glitch, 8 bit and ambient — all these he mixing virtuously in his tracks. Interesting artist.

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