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Across Borders EPThursday electronic release day. I guess, storytelling sound is the music written from the heart. Today we’re going to listen a debut album, where the synergy of real masters is feeling in every tune. Across Borders is a collaboration of Multifunctional & Fabricka from a sunny Malta. Like awaking at the room, all lightened with the sun, the opening track Others is gently welcoming to a downtempo journey. An incredible piano part at Cold Minor and barely audible vocal with the nice beats in Margin Points gives a hope, that peace time will come worldwide sooner or later. A wave of philosophical mood is flowing through the dark and strong song Sleep For A Few Lies (see the lyrics below). End Of One Frontier is closing the trip with a pathetic piano play making the sound soulful and complete.


Sleep For A Few Lies

Promises to keep
I lie myself to sleep
There’s not a shred of doubt
That nothing will turn out

And here i stand receding
Bored with you as breathing
As long as you’re still moving
Don’t mind me disapproving

How could you refrain?

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