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Berlin by Pixelord

Friday! Interesting, how many great tunes will be played for today? Anyway, one of them you’re going to hear now. Check out a super fresh electronic adorableness Berlin by Pixelord for a new forthcoming release Places. The dynamic of the track is perfectly conveys the spirit of the city. Great work on beats and bass, excellent combination with piano and vocal part, hearing people (the citizens) chatting, laughing, and 8-bit vibes is something that makes it sound special. It’s just a wonderful tune for spring 2015.
A few comments from Pixelord:
Berlin is one of the most exciting places. I have been there for a few times, played on Leisure System event in Berghain, celebrated NYE and lost my wallet with all the fee from a gig. But Its all happened in a different times, not one trip. Berlin is definitely a romantic, mellow city, a bit melancholic, very important in electronic music culture and my own music career. I tried to reflect all that in my track.

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