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When Pandas Attack - Things Pass By

In this digital era sometimes we need a break. This album is like an oasis for people living in a busy cities. Ankur Chauhan (When Pandas Attack) the young producer from India combines different electronic styles and elements in his debut album Things Pass By. As the result we got an amazing ten-track downtempo trip. Clever structure of the album makes it willing to be listened from the beginning till the end. Good Night To Bite with fairy play of keys making it sound so “organic”, feeling in a total harmony with nature. A Bid Farewell charms with wonderful instrumentation and birds singing. Just listen this album till the last track, feel how calm it goes and reload your mind.
Things Pass By is a music not for everyone, it goes much more deeper than commercial EDM scene.

A few comments:
“Things Pass By” is a study of the process of personal transformation. The tracks attempt to capture the moods surrounding the gut-wrenching exercise of emptying ourselves to make space for an unknown new. It is a journey of being slowly devoured, and then spat out to find yourself on higher ground and with a better view.” – When Pandas Attack official

“When Pandas Attack infuses elements of garage, glitch and even hip-hop to create a mix of dreamy electronica.” – Rolling Stone

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