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Get It Done - Giyo

Thursday chilled Rastafarian mood. Listen to clear, energized, sunny and stunning vibes in Get It Done by Giyo. The beat takes you to travel somewhere on exotic island, where are the palms, sand, blue crystallized ocean water and nothing less. It’s a tune when you can wish to dance with closed eyes, or just to lay at hammock and watch how things are passing by. See like a beautiful young lady walking on the shore with long fluttering in the wind hair. Her bright colored pare charms, that you can’t take an eye from her willing body. She is simply happy of being here and smiles to the fisher on a wooden bridge and to a teenage guy playing with tam-tam nearby. Everyone is enjoying the moment of this afternoon, it’s almost the sunset time. Playing trumpets and guitar string are making the track shine, spreading joyful, light atmosphere of peace and harmony.

Seems like a salty breeze was touching gently my skin after listening. It’s just an another one masterpiece from Giyo, a true virtuoso of our time.

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