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Save Our Souls - ILoveMondays by KidGhost

Save Our Souls – #ILoveMondays by KidGhost

Today’s Monday is great, because we got a new release #ILoveMondays by KidGhost. #ILoveMondays consists from two tunes, that will make love Mondays after listening. Save Our Souls  with fairy synths and other electroniс elements making it sound very chilled. Also, cool textures, great work on beats and piano part at Hidden Castle are giving a smooth vibes and making it just perfect for a new day start.

I hate Mondays as much as the next person, but hate uses energy that could potentially be used to love. So in an attempt to dispel that nearly universal hate for Mondays, I decided I’d release something on the first day of every week so that you have something to look forward to. I wanna see people saying#ILoveMondays 😀 – KidGhost

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