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100.0 FM Radio Broadcasting Station, Chernivtsi

DaKooka - Someone And Noone Live @ 100.0 FM Radio

DaKooka “Someone And Noone” Live

Previously you might listened to an intelligent d’n’b track Perth Sunset by MAILKY ft. Kooka. Here is a fresh live on a indie song Someone And Noone by DaKooka @ 100.0 FM Radio in Chernivtsi, Ukraine. DaKooka is a young talented Ukrainian musician and songwriter. Performing on Kazantip, Global Gathering and many other European music festivals, this lady dj, pianist and composer have found her fans, charmed by her. Experimenting with the live piano, drums, and covering all that in electronic sound, DaKooka create a special atmosphere on her performances.


DaKooka – Someone And Noone
someday i’ll see your eyes
somehow you’ll draw my pains
someone is a liar
and noone is scared

so you wanna make it good
so you need to be understood

taking slow and saving me
leaving me
and break it free
leaving up
it’s real

feeling low and save up me
leaving me
or break it free
leaving up
it’s real

the day that i stand up for close
i know what i’m gonna say
for everything that i have chose
please taking me and driving away