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Max Cooper -Teotihuacan (Part 2) with Tom Hodge

Max Cooper ‘Teotihuacan’ (Part 2) with Tom Hodge

Previously you might listened to Max Cooper’s Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1. Here is an another one masterpiece from a genious producer for today. A collaboration with a piano maestro Tom Hodge brought a Teotihuacan (Part 2). The story of this track is taking to the Teotihuacan’s pyramids in Mexico. There is also a Part 1 version from Quontiet series can be downloaded here: www.maxcooper.net.

So it’s a mix of loss and sadness and beauty with an edge of modern misuse, which I tried to capture in the original strings from which the track was built. I also made some binaural recordings of the sounds there, and a storm which came in, to give a real layer of atmosphere from the actual location. Tom Hodge then played piano to these elements, bringing the whole piece to life. – Max Cooper

Let the new listening experience happened with Max Cooper – Teotihuacan (Part 2) with Tom Hodge!

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