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MoustacheMusic: Hasan Hujairi - Stachecast 014 -Formulae

MoustacheMusic: Hasan Hujairi – Stachecast 014 -Formulae

Guys, I’m speechless. Previously you might listened to Moustache Music: Stimulus Timbre ~ Stachecast #011 ~ Sonic Odyssey ~ [STC011] and some others. This is something completely different brought by Moustache Music. You definitely need to hear that.
Enjoy your weekend with Hasan Hujairi ~ Stachecast #014 ~ Formulae [STC014].

Session background:

“Formulae is an arc of sonic concerns Hasan Hujairi has as someone with a hand in electronic music, sound art, and Middle Eastern musical traditions. The session jogs through different and disjointed approaches as Hujairi delicately negotiates the direction of the work. Nevertheless, the (sometimes deceptive) sense of quiet the listener gets makes him or her imagine that this session is in fact a narrative of peculiar secrets and lessons. The entire session is designed to be carefully listened to on headphones.” (H. Hujairi)

After several listening sessions on our own part, we’ve only discovered just a fraction of what this art piece is about. Perhaps through headphones you might be able to figure out the whole story!
So please, grab your headphones, faze out all external interruptions, close your eyes, open your mind and allow yourself to be part of this magical piece of art.
We would like to thank Hasan for his dedication and for portraying his true inner self!

All the best,
MoustacheMusic crew