Ljudverket 007 Rasmus Hedlund – Alster

Ljudverket 007 Rasmus Hedlund – Alster

Ljudverket 007 Rasmus Hedlund - Alster


Calm Sunday vibes with a new release Ljudverket 007 Rasmus Hedlund – Alster.
The first Ljudverket release of 2015 is a new full length album from Rasmus Hedlund. Continuing sound wise from where his last release ‘Audio Kurator’ left us, the new long play titled ‘Alster’ is a selection of tracks further exploring the depths of ambient, dub and experimental electronica – all in the tradition of the label. Best enjoyed with proper sound system, the album is a substantial document showcasing again the variety of sounds that Ljudverket is known for. Recorded mainly using vintage technology, the dark drones, silky lush pads, melodies and chords of ‘Alster’ provide big atmospheres for long and varied listening pleasures. – Ljudverket