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LM1 - Innerspace Volume 1 (Ambient set)
I guess this is the way how the nature sounds when you get to the top of the mountain or any other spiritual place, (for example like Machu Picсhu). Ambient music have been impressing me of its calm melodies pretty often, but this mix is really something magnificent. It takes you to a journey, where the spirit of the sound is covering the mind and letting go all unnecessary thoughts, bringing love and harmony to your heart. At the moment like this – now and here, you may recognize, that we are all and nothing at one moment. This materialistic world is only a variation of reality, that we’re living in, but there are other transcendental worlds also, that are not visible for our human eyes. We don’t know what’s is going on over there, but the fact is that nothing is constant, everything has its own Sansara. Trip chill.
“A contemplative music which is itself capable of being a vehicle,energy-form and magic force for self absortion.
A music which has no predetermined stylistic function to perform but which flows endlessly.
It will be not be listened to as one listens to classical music,indeed which is not there to be perceived at all,but which works by virtue of its own inner laws, as soon as the listener learns how to open himself to it.
It carries him away — to himself.” – Peter Michael Hamel (German composer)

1. Bob Holroyd – Earthwatching (A Different Space)
2. John Serrie-Deep Mystery (Century Seasons Disc 1)
3. Tim Story-Flame & Circle (Shadowplay)
4. Lanterna-Fog (Desert Ocean)
5. John Foxx & Harold budd-Adult (Translucence)
6. David Helpling-Promise (Sleeping on the edge of the world)
7. David helpling & jon jenkins-beyond words (Treasure)
8. Richard Burmer-Closer Than Love (Shining By The River Collections Vol. 1)
9. Ian Boddy & Mark Shreeve (Arc)-Arcturus Pt1(excerpt)
10. Oysten Sevag-Psalme (Global House)
11. Einfield-Ulrich Schnauss (Goodbye)
12. Darshan Ambient-A walk along the ganges(Re:karma)