Exploring Ukraine’s Underground Rave Revolution


Rave «Make Music Not Drugs» – Protest in Kyiv

On December 25th group of enthusiasts, who are creating a culture of electronic music in Ukraine, came out at the peace protest under the Ministry Cabinet in Kyiv to show a disagreement of police raids during the parties. This was caused by the last raid at a night club Closer, where the police made a rude search for drugs. Activists are calling to fight under the drug trafficking, but not the music. Also, these people are against of a musical tourism destruction in Ukraine, that just started getting popular for the last few years. #DontStopMusic

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Interview: Noisekraft

Interview: Noisekraft about his forthcoming album The Neverending Nothing

Previously you might listen to Riverbanks [IDM, Future Garage, Bass music mix] By NoiseKraft. Today Add2Base (A) blog asked Noisekraft (N) some questions about his forthcoming album The Neverending Nothing, which is going to be released on April 12th. It was very inspirational talk with philosophical mood.

A: Describe in 2-3 sentences who is Noisekraft?

N: Well, that’s a hard question. Before than a musician, I can say that Noisekraft is the inner side of myself, the deepest and most obscure part inside me that expresses feelings and emotions that we all normally experience every day. Using a bizarre metaphor Noisekraft is just like a translator of the messages that the ‘sensitive world’ sends us everyday, something that makes them audible trough music and sounds.

A: Tell about your earliest influences.

N: Speaking from a composition side my influences definitely derive from authors like Rachmaninov, Stravinskij, Richard Strauss, with my favorite being Debussy, but since I make primarily electric music I have to mention important bands that shaped my sounds such as Godspeed! You Black Emperor, Have a Nice Life, My Bloody Valentine, Björk, Mogwai and a lot more. Also since I come from a nation that has a great tradition of ‘cantautori’ (folk singers) I always felt a strong connection with american symbols like the Williams Family, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen or more modern acts like Damien Rice and Elliot Smith. However I have to say that my main influences come from other types of art, poetry in particular, or cultural aspects of life like philosophy. If you’re good interpreters you may note in The Neverending Nothing strong connections to T.S. Eliot and even Bergson.

A: How long has this album been in the making?

N: The whole processes of composition, recording, mixing and mastering took six months, and that’s pretty quick for me. I’m an hateful perfectionist when it comes to music. I also work alone, without engineers or other people touching my music, not because I’m jealous or selfish but simply because every record that I release is like a son to me, with its nice and terrible anecdotes. All the albums I made were personal but this is probably the most one. Another important fact to consider it’s that this is my first work coming out for a label since a lot; they’re a little Italian reality called Genesi57 that helped me a lot with everything, they made me change my ideas about labels.

A: What is your future plans? Making a music – is it a hobby or career?

N: I have to admit that lately my personal life has been pretty busy. There has been tough moments and even those times when you think ‘screw everything, why do I have to do all this?’

But after all, life is not supposed to be only easy parts I guess. My first collection of poems called “Agosto” (like my month of birth) was published in February and at the same time I was recording the album, so my schedule was pretty filled. Now I have to handle the post-publication of the LP, and who knows? Maybe I’ll return to live action after a two years of hiatus. Music has been my primary job since I was 16 but I never really asked for it. I don’t want to be an hypocrite or sound ungrateful but I always thought about music primarily as a form of expression and art. Being extremely sincere, I don’t see Noisekraft playing on a stage at the age of 40, I always found those cases pretty ridiculous to be honest. Sooner or later, Noisekraft will cease its existence.

Noisekraft - The Neverending Nothing

Noisekraft – The Neverending Nothing

A: What inspires you in daily life?

N: Feelings, emotions, the daily things that happen everyday. You see, I don’t really think that inspirations are what carry someone’s life, I consider every individual philosophy to be the main pivot and foundation that hold each one of us standing and conscious of being alive. Once someone has understood his own singularity, he can start to really seek happiness, his own Nirvana. I’m really attached to existentialism, Heidegger, Sartre and Kierkegaard and the more shrewds might have already recognized it.  My ‘catharsis’, my sources of purification are at the moment music and writing and they’ll probably be forever.

A: Which release impressed you the most? And which one you could recommend for listening?

N: Every single release that shows pure emotions and transmits something to the listeners, it doesn’t care when it was released or how much copies it sold. I don’t even consider the most part of ‘pop’ or ‘commercial’ genres to deserve the appellative of -music, they’re a shame to all the ancestors that conquered honor for this form of art. I’m not saying that it’s wrong to earn money because I’m the first to do so, but when it becomes the main goal of a song music turn into mere business. Try to listen to a few works by artists like Steve Roden, Loop and all the bands that I mentioned before, you’ll probably understand what I mean.

A: What  encouraged you to make music?

N: That’s the best part of the deal, nobody or nothing really encouraged me to make music, it was like a fire beneath my hearth, a need that I had to satisfy. The alternative was to burn inside and slowly fade into dust. Of course I have to thank all my fans that were like my family for almost two years of touring and today continue to show me their appreciation for my works. And last but not least my girlfriend; I don’t want to be cheesy but she has been the pilar to hold on when everything seemed to fall apart, everyday and everywhere.

A: Did you think about to make a video?

N:Probably my biggest passion aside from music, literature and philosophy has to be cinema, the directors in particular. I’m currently discussing with the guys of Genesi57 about that possibility but we’ll surely do something in the nearest future.

A: What would you recommend people who want to start  making music?

Do what you want, don’t let anybody tell you what’s right and what’s wrong. Take an instrument (no matter if it’s a guitar or your computer, screw everybody who says that electronic music is not a real thing), grab a piece of paper, a pen and then start to write everything you feel. Oh, before you start, disconnect your brain. In art there’s no place for the reason, only for pure emotions.

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