Jiro – Breakbeat Gems Volume 3 (Vinyl)

Jiro - Breakbeat Gems Volume 3 (Vinyl)
Jiro ‘Breakbeat Gems Volume 3 (Vinyl)’

Welcome Monday with a super great mood, because the summer is coming soon. Previously you might heard Jiro – Low Frequencies / Trapped In Time. Now it’s time listen and dance with a new mix Jiro – Breakbeat Gems Volume 3 (Vinyl). A profound bass, an oldschool breakbeat sound and the tracklist, that is going back to a nostalgic mood.


Jiro – Low Frequencies / Trapped In Time

Jiro - Low Frequencies / Trapped In TimeIt’s time for fresh breakbeat sound. This Tuesday we got a new release from Kiosek Records. Two tracks Low Frequencies / Trapped In Time by Jiro are weaving a summer open-air mood. Low Frequencies with kicking beat and vocal captures the very first seconds. And the second tune Trapped In Time has very huge bass progression and breaks vibes.
Excellent release! Breaks fans will appreciate, definitely.

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