Pythius – BBT

Previously you might listened to Pythius – Heresy EP. Today let’s check out a production of 2014 year taken from Atomnation EP. Enjoy Pythius – BBT and let the neurofunk vibes in.
Released via BSE’s Blackout Records.

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Pythius – Heresy EP

Pythius&Neonlight - Heresy
You must be guessing what’s going to be next on Blackout Music?
As far as you remember, there was many great releases by Black Sun Empire & State of MindPythius,Neonlight & Wintermute.
So here is Pythius’s ‘Heresy’ EP featuring kicking collaborations with Black Sun Empire, Neonlight, State of Mind, DJ Hidden & Khronos. Seems like such productions are whispering ‘We want your soul!’ if you know what I mean. 🙂

This is Drum&Bass, hell yeah! 😀

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Tiydel – Drum and Bass Express Guestmix

Tiydel – Drum and Bass Express Guestmix

Tiydel - Drum and Bass Express Guestmix
Tiydel ‘Drum and Bass Express Guestmix’

This moment when you’ve found a music soulmate. Tiydel and his Drum and Bass Express Guestmix will catch you at once from the first playing track. Tiydel is 18 y.o. dj from Netherlans with a rare and quilified music taste.
Enjoy this impressive selection with clear trasitions.

Audio – Shatterdome
Calyx & Teebee – Sawn Off
Insideinfo & Mefjus – Leibniz
Noisia – Asteriods ft. Prolix
Hypoxia – Profanity
Teddy Killerz – Violence
Calyx & Teebee – A Day That Never Comes
Noisia – Shaking Hands
Misanthrop – Collapse
Teddy Killerz – Hyperspeed
A.M.C. – Thor
Chase & Status – Alive (Mefjus Remix)
Pythius ft. Kryptomedic – Driveyard
Chris. SU & State Of Mind – Above Earth
Neonlight – Heavy Bettie VIP
Noisia – Stamp Out
Mefjus – Stutter
Black Sun Empire – Lead Us (Audio Remix)
Optiv & BTK – Shredder
Qo – Killcode ft. Nuclear MC
Mindscape – Gene Labs (Optiv & BTK Remix)
Pythius – Executor


Pythius – New Order EP

Pythius - New Order EP

There are no boring releases, coming from Blackout. Check out Pythius – New Order EP with a huge bass and amazing transitions hidden inside of 5 tracks.

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